About Anna


I have spent much of my life exploring the question, “How can we live together in peace?”

When families, workplaces, and communities learn how to work together, their efforts can be put into creating their dreams, instead of being embroiled in power struggles, resentments, and other relationship dysfunctions.

After completing a Master Degree in psychology, I received more specific training with:

  • The Conflict Resolution Network, Sydney, Australia
  • The Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Pace E Bene Nonviolence Services
  • Alternatives to Violence Project
  • The School for the Work of Byron Katie
  • Ron Kurtz Hakomi Center

Over the past twenty-five years I have utilized my skills working as the training coordinator for a community mediation center, as the program coordinator for a non-profit retreat and learning center, and running my own training and consulting business. I have worked with a wide range of clients including major corporations, government agencies, university staff, small businesses, and private individuals.

I have taught workshops in communication and conflict resolution skills, mediation, prejudice reduction, facilitation skills, as well as providing mediation and facilitation services.

With a deep conviction that world peace begins within, I have focused on learning and sharing the skills needed to live a more peaceful inner life, as well as the skills necessary to maintain supportive, caring interpersonal and inter-group relationships. It is my great pleasure to share this journey with you.

Anna Cassilly

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